Jeez, Why Wouldn’t You Want Parents To See Students’ Tests?

Why do schools refuse to send exams home? is a post by Washington Post writer Jay Mathews about a policy by many schools in that area of not sending tests and exams home for parents to see.

Perhaps it’s just my ignorance, but I’ve never heard of any school having that policy. If parents have the energy and interest to see them, let them see them — and don’t force them to come to school to view them (as apparently some schools require).

Mathews post quotes some administrators giving pretty feeble excuses for not sending them home.

I like how he ends his piece:

Some educators and parents see school as a competition. Nobody should get an advantage in the race for top grades. Cheating, not learning, seems their greatest concern. Other educators and parents see school as a place where everyone gets a chance to improve their skills and thinking, with as much support as possible. What better way to improve than to have the ability to learn from your own mistakes?

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