Big New Report On Parent Engagement In United Kingdom

A new research report on parent engagement in the United Kingdom has just been released.

The Rapid review of parental engagement and narrowing the gap in attainment for disadvantaged children doesn’t seem to share anything that would be new to people involved in parent engagement efforts.

I did like that it talked about “instances of parents from ethnic minorities telling stories in class in their community’s home language, or attending school themselves for language and literacy classes.” I’ve written about that and how I’ve done it in my classes, but haven’t seen it talked much about in other areas.

I also liked that it mentioned how important it is to “stress the need for a genuine collaboration between parents and facilitators, with a two-way exchange.” However, a big disappointment was that it didn’t seem to follow up that statement with specific examples highlighting how that was done.

Since it doesn’t share anything new, I’m not going to add it to “The Best Research Available On Parent Engagement”.

However, I am going to add it to The Best Resources On Parent Engagement In Countries Other Than The U.S.

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