“Plea to let parents inspect schools” In England

Plea to let parents inspect schools instead of Ofsted is the headline of an article in the London Telegraph.

Here are some excerpts:

Schools in England are currently held to account through inspections and league tables, but the study argued that the current system was failing to improve standards…

Demos wrote: “This report strongly argues that the current model of accountability is profoundly toxic and is failing to achieve its stated goal of improving education.’’

The paper suggested that Ofsted should no longer be responsible for inspecting schools and instead offer guidance and collect information on the “innovative and inspiring work’’ that was going on in schools.

It added that reports should be produced by parents, teachers, other staff and students working with “an external partner” chosen from a list of approved organisations. These reports would be produced once a year and include information on everyone’s experience of the school as well as setting out plans for improvement.

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