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Guest Post by Joe Mazza

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This week on #PTchat brings something new – a conversation that is both on Twitter and visually hosted on Youtube via Google Hangout. Join us as we facilitate a conversation on how we can appreciate and recognize today’s teachers on a daily basis, as well as share some recent findings from Finland.


Hangout guests will include the #PennFinn13 group who just got back from a inquiry-driven trip to Finland. They will share reflections on how we might learn from how Finland recognizes teachers with trust, respect, and autonomy.

How we can bring teacher appreciation into the heart of our schools and programs?

RSVP here to be a part of this Wednesday night’s LIVE event.  Of course, we’ll also use our weekly hashtag #PTchat during the conversation, so follow along the conversations backchannel on Twitter for more ideas and resources, as well as the opportunity to ask questions to LIVE educators on the line.


Join us this Wednesday night at 9PM EDT / 6PM EDT for #PTchat – LIVE via gHangout and on Twitter. 

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