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#PTchat hosted by Dana Sirotiak

When you picture a positive learning environment, what comes to mind?  

“A positive learning environment is one in which school staff, students, and parents build safe and peaceful environments where people are accepted and respected and where learning is the main focus” (Schauffele, 2007).  Research has shown that a positive learning environments maximizes the learning of every student, help children become full participating citizens of society, and help build a sense of community.  It is important that this vision is shared  among all stakeholders: families, staff, and students.  “Schools acting in partnership with their communities, can create and maintain these type of environments” (Safe and Healthy Schools, 2000).  

This week’s #PTchat is focused on Creating a Positive Learning Environment in school and at home. Join us this Wednesday at 9pm EDT/6pm PST. The chat will focus on how all stakeholders in education can build upon shared principles in creating a positive learning environment.

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