What Engaged Means – Do Engaged Families Need Support?

Guest Post by Joe Mazza

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Wed., 9/26/12 – 9PM EDT / 6PM PST
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You can find quizzes like the one above all over the Internet. The questions refer to the balancing act of “Tiger Mom” vs. “Dolphin Mom.” While these words are extreme, they do offer a range of perspectives in play in the homes of today’s students.
What effects do each have on children? Can we push a child too far? Ask them to study or practice too much? Where does the responsibility lie in communicating what is best for the student with parents?
Labels like “dolphin,” “helicopter,” & “tiger” used to describe parents can demean the work of well-intentioned parents. The fears of school staff with regard to the uber-engaged parent and how it acts as a barrier to engagement of others is a driving force in staff feelings and opinions about family engagement.
During most #PTchats, we devote time to understanding and improving disengagement. However, it’s equally important to harness the power of the over-engaged. This week, we’ll discuss the strategies to work with those who over-control their children or those who, because of any number of perceptions, make unreasonable or unrealistic demands of their child and or their child’s education. The topic is worthy of discussion and will help us understand and respond to the diverse perspectives we see from day to day, and how to better funnel our family engagement efforts.  

Join us this Wednesday, September 26th at 9PM EDT / 6PM PST for #PTchat. Past chats & resources have been archived here. 

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