“Parents Agree: Funding Shortfalls Shortchange Students, Families, and Communities”

Betsy Landers, president of the National PTA, has a nice piece in Education Week titled Parents Agree: Funding Shortfalls Shortchange Students, Families, and Communities.

Here’s an excerpt:

The bottom line is that parents must be engaged in the process. Education reform, on any scale, will prove unsustainable without the support of parents. Period. In fact, few factors can influence student achievement more than parental engagement. This fact, coupled with their collective voice, empowers parents to be the real agents of change.

As parents, we strive to protect our children from harm and to ensure quality educational opportunities. Change begins in the community, but the nation benefits from change occurring on broader levels. Too many parents believe they don’t have the voice or authority to bring about the changes necessary to ensure the success of their children. However, speaking together as one voice — millions of parents nationwide can and will force our elected officials at the local, state and national levels to take notice and prioritize children. Together, we can demand better education that is both equitably financed and reflective of our nation’s shared interest.

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