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Guest post by Joe Mazza

She’s back! Dr. Michele Borba returns to #ptchat this Wednesday night at 9pm EDT/6PST to give advice on how parents can help kids get off to a great start this school year!  Here’s the link to last year’s #ptchat conversation on what parents & teachers can do to put an end to bullying.

Dr. Borba (@micheleborba) is an internationally recognized author, speaker and educator on parenting, character education and bullying prevention. Her work aims to help strengthen children’s character and resilience, reduce peer cruelty and create compassionate, just learning cultures.  Her website is a valuable resource for parents and teachers alike.

For one hour on Wednesday night, we will be discussing everything parents can do to support students and teachers early and often this school year.  Join us and provide your best ideas and strategies as well as learn from fellow educators, parents and of course Dr. Borba.

If you have specific questions for Dr. Borba, please send an email ahead of time and we will try to get as many in as possible during the chat. During the chat, we’ll develop a collaborative Google Doc designed to include in September parent newsletters to share out learning. Please invite your school parents & colleagues to this conversation.
Proposed Questions for Dr. Borba:


  • What are some things that families can do at home (& teachers at school) to ease the new school year transition?
  • What are some of the most common fears that kids have at this time of year?
  • How do parents deal with children’s fear of not having friends in their new class/school?
  • How do parents put themselves at ease from worrying about everything from releasing some control over the older (HS & college) kids to trusting the bus driver with our kindergartner?   
  • How to know where the balance is for structure/scheduled activities and free time?
  • What are some good resources for help – people/places, books, websites families can turn to for advice throughout the year?
  • How to handle kids fear of needing material items to fit in at school (from clothing to technology)? Is there a best way?


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