Planning Your Best Back to School Night Yet!

Guest post by Joe Mazza

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The new school year is here. It’s time to meet your new families and begin developing that strong home-school partnership to lean on throughout the school year. Back to School Night is oftentimes your first impression to set the tone for a fantastic school year.

During this week’s Parent-Teacher chat on Twitter, we’ll share ideas on maximizing these Open House type evenings. Participants should bring past agendas, presentations and resources to share out. Find out what parents feel is the biggest takeaway from this night. Learn how teachers and school leaders make the most of the time allotted while focusing in on building these important relationships. Are students invited or omitted? How do we ensure the focus and tone of the school and/or class is embedded in every minute of this special evening?

Join us this Wednesday, August 29th at 9EDT/6PST for #PTchat’s lively and timely discussion. For more information on all past parent-teacher chats, visit our archive page here. 

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