A Homework Policy Petition To The PTA

Alfie Kohn and others are asking people to sign a petition:

asking the National PTA to adopt recommendations on homework – guidelines that will help educators innovate and improve their approaches to designing and assigning homework in our classrooms.

In June, the National PTA will meet at their annual convention. Join us today in urging the National PTA today—for the first time—to adopt homework guidelines that encourage schools nationwide to reexamine and reimagine homework practices to better support student engagement, health and learning.

One thought on “A Homework Policy Petition To The PTA

  1. I would like to see a coalition of parents and community leaders from all area, that included parents of students that attend schools with API 1-3. It would not be fair or equitable to community like mine that may have 3 schools with PTA out of 40 schools. Plus, the PTA in those schools is fundraiser model and not empowerment model. It is so important to have diverse group of individuals from different background. This policy must have all stakeholders voices not just a few and limited to one nonprofit group. There should be open call to communities at large similar to one for redistricting of California.

    Mary Johnson,

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