“National PTA Seeks to Reverse Drop in Membership”

National PTA Seeks to Reverse Drop in Membership is the headline of a lengthy Associated Press article that announced the election of a new National PTA President.

Here’s how it begins:

When Otha Thornton, president-elect of the National PTA, signed up to help lead the PTA at Maryland’s Meade Senior High School in 2005, the chapter had about 25 members. Within two years, membership soared to 400 as the school community mobilized to boost morale and academic performance. Now he’s trying to rekindle that spirit on a larger scale as the PTA strives to reverse a steady decrease in its national membership.

“I tell parents: ‘Other people are making choices for you and your children. We need you at the table,'” said Thornton, who will become the National PTA’s first male African-American leader next year.

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