2 thoughts on “Words Of Wisdom That Teachers & Administrators Might Want To Keep In Mind

  1. The personal touch always works best! Eye contact and a hand shake can diffuse a tense situation quickly!

  2. So many times, in the interest of saving time and emotional energy, we are tempted to use electronic devices to replace systematic personal contact and interaction.
    Relationships are not built or sustained by electronic proxy. It may seem to be possible, but it is not. It would surely make life easier–but it just doesn’t work.

    Think about all of those automated “impersonal” phone calls you have received. Did you ever feel closer to the caller after listening to their recorded message? Automated voice mail messages do not build trust or reciprocity. They may offer us important information, but they fail to stimulate any feelings of true connection or reciprocity.

    What about those preprinted greeting cards, with no personal message of any kind included, or the 3-page Christmas letter describing in detail someone else’s “perfect” family life over the past year? Without any deliberate and regular personal contact occurring in between these “holiday” missives, recipients tend to feel more alienated from the senders, not less.

    Impersonal cards. letters, and email blasts do not deepen relationships. In fact, when they are overused or are are employed as the only method of communication, they diminish the relationship rather than strengthening it.

    Relationships are about investing time, not saving time. There are no short cuts to building trust and reciprocity. It requires actively “listening” to others–not simply “informing” others.

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