This Week’s “Parent Teacher Chat” On Twitter

Last month, Joe Mazza wrote a guest post about Parent Teacher Chat on Twitter. Joe has accepted my invitation to write a short post on this blog regularly to announce future topics for these chats:

Special guest Karren Dunkley joins #ptchat this Wednesday, 1/25 at 9PM EST. Ms. Dunkley, Deputy Chief of the School District of Philadelphia, will be discussing parent leadership opportunities, “Demand Parents” and a “Parent University” her organization has set up for families. 

Hailing from Jamaica, Ms. Dunkley is helping to increase and improve the participation of families and community in the academic success and personal development of their children. Dunkley finds that “working for children and their communities is where she can contribute most to human growth and development.” She has served on the faculty of St Johns University in the departments of government and politics and education, where she was nominated Professor of the Year. While teaching in New York schools, she earned national recognition when she received the New York State Assembly 2005 Teacher of the Year award. Dunkley attended St Catherine High and Wolmer’s Girls’ School before migrating to the US. She graduated at the top of her class from St John’s University in Queens, New York with degrees in political science, secondary education and international law and diplomacy. Dunkley is a 21st century entrepreneur and philanthropist, having founded Uhuru Incorporated, a not-for-profit organization. The organization is dedicated to the emotional and educational empowerment of children in the United States and internationally.

For more information on this week’s #PTchat and Karren’s full bio, please visit Joe Mazza’s eFACE Today blog

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