Reorganizing This Blog A Bit

Most of you are familiar with the nearly 800 “The Best…” lists I’ve posted at my main blog.

Here, at this blog, I haven’t gotten around to “curating” my hundreds of posts into many useful “The Best…” lists, other than every six months I publish two types of lists: My choices for the Best Posts in the previous six months, and another listing the most popular ones with readers.

I’m not making any promises when I’ll get around to doing it, but I plan on “curating” the resources I’ve posted about related to parent engagement into the following lists:

The Best Research Available On Parent Engagement

The Best Resources On Making Home Visits

The Best Advice For Teachers Around Parent Engagement

The Worst Parent Engagement Ideas

The Best Examples Of Parent Engagement Through Community Organizing

The Best Parent Engagement Resources From Outside The United States

The Best & Worst On Parent Engagement Public Policy

The Best Resources For Parents To Engage In Schools

The Best Resources On Parents and Community Organizing

I might come up with a few more, but these are the ones I’ll be working on organizing over the next year.

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