“Students’ Immigration Status To Be Coded With “0” or “1” in Ala.”

Students’ Immigration Status To Be Coded With “0” or “1” in Ala. is the title of an Ed Week article about how Alabama is implementing a new law requiring schools to document students’ immigration status (I’ve previously written about it here).

Now that is really going to improve the climate for parent engagement there…

One thought on ““Students’ Immigration Status To Be Coded With “0” or “1” in Ala.”

  1. This is an absolutely unacceptable turn of events. In addition to tracking the cost of education for kids dubiously labeled with a “0” because their parents cannot or will not provide a birth certificate or social security number (hard to miss the significance of identifying children with a ZERO,isn’t it?)is the government also going to track the taxes, purchases, and labor contributions that their families make to agricultural, entertainment, construction, hospital, restaurant, food, hotel, meat packing, child care, and health-related fields?

    I suggest ALL parents refuse to show any birth certificates or give any social security numbers to any school officials. I also suggest that all school personnel boycott this law. It is like carving a scarlet letter on kids heads or tatooing their wrists with a number. What is it supposed to accomplish other than demonizing, stigmatizing, and marginalizing an entire group of kids, and their families–but why–to what end? This is really scary and it sickens me to my very core. Labeling kids in this way is simply outrageous and diabolical.

    I suggest that all parents and school staff in the fine state of Alabama absolutely refuse to comply with this racist law. This law calls for good people to practice organized civil disobedience and send the governor and the legislature the message that this law is totally UN-American and completely unacceptable.

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