“Legislative Momentum Stalls for ‘Parent Trigger’ Proposals”

Legislative Momentum Stalls for ‘Parent Trigger’ Proposals is the headline in an article today at Education Week.

Here’s an excerpt:

The momentum behind “parent-trigger” proposals, one of the hottest ideas for overhauling struggling schools, has slowed in statehouses amid political opposition and vexing questions about how those bold plans should be implemented at the local level.

Numerous states this year have introduced parent-trigger proposals, which would allow parents the opportunity to restructure or close academically struggling traditional public schools or convert them to charters.

Most of those proposals, which have drawn varying levels of bipartisan support, have stalled or died, while others have been scaled back significantly.

Some of my education predictions for 2011 might not come to pass, but it certainly looks like I’m going to be right on for at least one of them:

Efforts to implement the so-called “parent-trigger” will fail miserably, and the idea will fade from memory…

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