“Time To Stop the Hypocrisy About Poverty and Education”

Time To Stop the Hypocrisy About Poverty and Education is the title of an excellent post by Renee Moore. You should read the whole post, but here’s an excerpt:

I’ve also seen too many educators blaming poor children and their families for not caring about education, while ignoring that those attitudes may in large part be reactions to the school systems which have failed them and their children for so long. How can we, with straight faces, tell poor parents that we take the education of their children seriously, when they can see the physical differences between the schools in their neighborhood and those in neighboring upscale communities? When they can see a constant rotation of administrators, and cycles of temporary, underprepared teaching staff for their children, but veteran, highly accomplished teachers for the children of those who have more? And why should they have to move themselves or their children to get access to those resources and teachers?

Well said, Renee!

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