Edutopia Offers Free “Home-to-School Connections Guide”

Edutopia has just announced publication of a free downloadable “Home-to-School Connections Guide.”

This is how they describe it:

Our latest free classroom resource guide, Home-to-School Connections Guide: Tips, Tech Tools, and Strategies for Improving Family-to-School Communication, is filled with resources and ideas for building and strengthening the bonds between schools, families, and communities. For educators and parents alike, this guide provides tools for seizing the digital moment or bringing the conversation home through 10 top tips for nurturing collaboration and partnerships.

It’s worth checking-out….

One thought on “Edutopia Offers Free “Home-to-School Connections Guide”

  1. Thanks for mentioning our latest Guide on Home-to-School communication in this post! We have some additional resources for parents that your audience may want to check out:

    :: Parents Group – Collaborate with other parents invested in helping change education:

    :: Making Connections Between Home and School: Parents Become Active Participants (article):

    :: Parental Involvement Reaps Big Benefits (article):

    :: How to Strengthen Parent Involvement and Communication (article):

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