NBC Launches “School Pride” TV Show

School Pride is a new show on NBC that debuts this Friday. It sounds like they go into communities to “makeover” schools in need of repair. According to its website, the show….

is a proactive, alternative series that tells the stories of communities coming together to renovate their aging and broken public schools. While transforming the school, the community also restores its sense of value and school pride.

Obviously, I don’t have any problem with communities getting their schools repaired. However, the way the next paragraph describes it is pretty insulting:

The cameras follow students, teachers and parents as they roll up their sleeves and rebuild their own schools, concluding with the unveiling of a brand new, completely transformed school. They are motivated by a quartet of community organizers and personalities – SWAT Commander Tom Stroup; interior designer Susie Castillo (“House of Payne”); comedian and former substitute teacher Kym Whitley (“‘Til Death”); and journalist Jacob Soboroff (“AMC News”). Together, the team of experts will lead the community through the makeover process.

I’m not too impressed with the idea of these so-called “experts” (“community organizers” — I don’t think so) parachuting in for a short time and “motivating and “leading” the community.

Parent engagement it ain’t.

It’s great that communities are getting their schools fixed. I just hope no lasting damage is done in the process.

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