Parental Academy Program In Texas

Moving English Language Learners to College- and Career-Readiness is an “issue brief” from The American Youth Policy Forum.

I was particularly intrigued by a short description of what one Texas school District does to connect to parents, and how it benefits both the parents and students. Here’s an excerpt:

Hidalgo ISD has worked hard to involve parents and other local stakeholders in the process of moving
ELLs along college and career pathways. The district offers continuing educational services to students’
parents through its Parental Academy Program. The Parental Academy offers courses ranging from
beginning English language skills to entrance into two- and four-year postsecondary programs.
Depending upon their English proficiency and educational background, parents can start anywhere
along the continuum and participate in courses that include preparation for obtaining a GED and
occupational skills training.

The Parental Academy has been credited not only with helping parents to further their education, but
also with instilling a college-going focus within students’ home lives. Through this program, parents and
students are able to experience the educational process together. Families strive for higher educational
attainment, creating a culture of academic achievement within the home.

Is anybody aware of similar efforts around the country, or world?

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