Wow! What A Study On School Leadership…

Learning from Leadership: Investigating the Links to Improved Student Learning is a very important study that was released today.

You can read a summary here — Large national study strongly links educational leadership to student achievement.

You can read the entire report here — all 333 pages of it!

Here’s an excerpt related to parents:

1. District leaders need to engage in dialogues with principals about what openness
to community and parental involvement means in practice, beyond merely
establishing policies and structures. Pertinent topics for such discussions would
include the value of partnering with parents and community members in schoolimprovement
efforts, parents as vital partners in the learning process, the
importance of shared leadership, and the critical role that the community plays in
every child’s life.

2. Principals need to engage teachers and other staff members in similar discussions,
focused especially on ways to involve parents in roles beyond the superficial tasks
often allocated to them (e.g., coordinating social events, fundraising through bake
sales). Many parents feel marginalized because they are given tasks that do not
reflect the crucial role they could otherwise play in support of their children’s

One thought on “Wow! What A Study On School Leadership…

  1. Thanks for the link to this study, which is indeed thought-provoking. Odd that it hasn’t been covered by the media yet. We can wait….

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