This Looks Interesting — Connecticut Parent Trust Fund

I’ve just heard about the Connecticut Parent Trust Fund. This is how it describes itself:

The Parent Trust Fund helps communities improve the health, safety, and learning of their children by providing the funding needed to train parents in civic leadership. This is the first initiative of its kind in the nation. The Fund was established through groundbreaking legislation passed by the Connecticut General Assembly in June 2001. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation seeded the Trust with $250,000. The William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund followed as the first Connecticut foundation to contribute. With five years of success behind it, the Fund has earned strong bipartisan support from the governor, the legislature, and local elected officials.

Funds are allocated to nonprofit agencies that give parents the technical and civic skills they need to take active roles in their communities’ decisions for improving the health, safety, and learning of children.

It appears like they’ve funded some good stuff, which you can read about on their webpage.

Does anybody know more they’d care to add in the comments section of this post?

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