Dept. Of Ed Hosts Meeting To Discuss Family Engagement

The Department of Education’s blog has just published a report titled “Parents Gather in Washington, D.C., to Discuss Rights and Responsibilities.”

Here’s an excerpt:

More than 250 parents, grandparents, caregivers and community members from 17 states gathered in the Department of Education’s auditorium on May 26 for a dialogue with a panel of senior ED officials.

The 90-minute discussion touched on meaningful ways to support family engagement in the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), supporting children with special needs, and the allocation of Title I funding in schools.

I hadn’t heard about the meeting, and can’t find anything else on the Web about it other than that blog post.

Does anyone who reads this blog know anything more about what happened? If you do, please leave a comment…

One thought on “Dept. Of Ed Hosts Meeting To Discuss Family Engagement

  1. This was a meeting organized by several parents and advocates. As I understand, leaders from the National Coalition of ESEA/Title I Parents got things started. The National Coalition of Parent Involvement in Education provided meeting space, and helped flesh out the agenda, including staffers from the Senate HELP Committee, and Parental Information and Resource Centers (PIRCs) from around the country referred parents.

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