“Parent Power” In Detroit

The Metro News just ran an article about the Detroit Parent Network called Parent power:Amid the Detroit schools chaos, who helps parents?

It sounds like they’re doing some pretty impressive work, but all I know about them is what I’ve read in newspaper articles. I’d be interested in hearing from local people who might be more familiar with them.

Based on what the article says, it appears that they are going to receive a sizable contract from the Detroit Public Schools to coordinate parent involvement in schools. Based on my community organizing experience, I’ve often seen problems arise when organizing groups get these kinds of public contracts, but I’ve also seen it work on occasion. I’ll be interested in seeing how it all plays out in Detroit.

Thanks to Alexander Russo for the tip.

2 thoughts on ““Parent Power” In Detroit

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  2. I can’t speak for folks in Detroit but I find schools and school districts that have parent involvement animators relate good stories about increasing parent involvement. Happy New Year Larry

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