Parent Involvement In Milwaukee

I’ve written several posts about parent involvement/engagement efforts in Milwaukee — both because the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel there has provided some good coverage and because I have a particular interest in the city because I went to high school there. Parental participation in MPS appears weak is a new article that has some useful information […]

Milwaukee Newspaper Begins Several Part Series On Parents & Schools

(I’ve updated this post to include links to the entire series) The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has just begun what appears to be a fairly ambitious series of articles on parent involvement and schools called Beyond the Bell | Making the Home-School Connection . The first one, Educational engagement, appeared today. Here’s how the paper describes […]

“District Leaders Urged to Rethink Community Engagement Strategies”

District Leaders Urged to Rethink Community Engagement Strategies is an interesting post over at Education Week about a recent address by former Milwaukee School Superintendent Howard Fuller. Here’s an excerpt: Fuller said school district leaders must reflect the racial makeup of the families they serve in order to achieve meaningful community engagement. That presents a […]

The Best Reasons Why Parents Should Be Looked At As Allies & Not Targets Of Blame

“Blame” has certainly been a theme of many school reform discussions — including blaming teachers and blaming parents. Here are some commentaries on why no one, including teachers, should get sucked into that morass. You might also be interested in seeing all my parent engagement-related “The Best” lists here. Parents Are Our Allies is a […]