“Blaming Poverty on Single Parents Is Win-Win for Republicans, Evidence Be Damned”

Blaming Poverty on Single Parents Is Win-Win for Republicans, Evidence Be Damned is an extensive Atlantic article. It’s a must-read piece. Here’s an excerpt: And is where everyone should be screaming from the rooftops: “Correlation isn’t causation!” If you don’t have access to a roof, stand on your desk like you’re in Dead Poet’s Society […]

January’s (2020) Useful Parent Engagement Resources – Part Two

English Fluency Among Parents: Why It Matters for Student Success is from Ed Week. Parent engagement, bilingual education and immigrant friendly schools are crucial to student success in LA, where 60% of children have at least one immigrant parent, new report finds is from LA School Report. One-page handout for families on promoting young children's […]

September’s (2019) Useful Parent Engagement Resources – Part Two

OPINION: Parents, here’s why your most important partner may be your child’s teacher (and vice versa) is from The Hechinger Report. Check out the new Family Engagement Playbook. Parental involvement plays key role in children’s academic attainment, research shows is from Science Daily. A successful experience in school isn't just about report cards. Ideally, your […]

“The relationship between single mothers and poverty is not as simple as it seems”

As most people know, there is a common narrative suggesting that single-parent households can be a cause of many problems affecting children — in and out of school. I’ve previously posted some articles questioning that view (see The Best Articles Questioning The View That Single Parents Are A Problem), and a new article has just […]

“What Makes a Healthy Family”

What Makes a Healthy Family is a new article at the Pacific Standard that goes along with my previous post, Single Parents Aren’t The Problem. Here’s an excerpt: Lamb explains that, despite their high rates of poverty, “the majority of children raised in single-parent or divorced families are well-adjusted,” even if outcomes are slightly more […]