This Week’s Parent Teacher Chat On Twitter

Guest Post by Joe Mazza

Upcoming #PTchat: Raising Kids to Be Good Cyber Citizens with Annie Fox

Wed., 6/6/12 at 9PM EDT


Annie Fox joins #PTchat this Wednesday night, June 6th at 9PM EDT to discuss the ways parents and teachers can raise kids to be good cyber citizens. We will discuss appropriate strategies for  students in kindergarten through high school during our one hour chat.

Mrs. Fox is a respected educator, award-winning author, and a trusted online adviser. Her life’s work is helping teens become more self-aware, self-confident and better able to make choices that reflect who they really are. She does it through Q&Aevents at schools, and books like her Middle School Confidential™ series.

Annie is also committed to working with parents and teachers. Part of that effort recognizes that 21st century children require 21st century parenting and mentoring. Annie’s live events and her “Family Confidential” podcast series teach adults how to give teens what they need for healthy social/emotional development in middle school and beyond.

Join us this Wednesday night, 6/6/12 at 9PM EDT for Parent-Teacher Chat (#PTchat) All #PTchats are archived here for your easy review.

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