This Week’s Parent Teacher Chat On Twitter

Guest Post by Joe Mazza:

You just got back from an amazing professional development or conference. Now what? How do you share all that new learning with your parent population? Won’t you need their support in moving the school forward?

In the best interests of transparency and keeping our school parents up on the latest research-based practices happening around the world, committing to sharing our new knowledge with them becomes a no-brainer.

This Wednesday, 3/28 at 9PM EST / 6 PST, we’ll discuss ideas on who to go about this from the parents’ and teachers’ lens. For more information, please visit Joe Mazza’s eFACE Today Blog. #PTchat is a weekly chat where parents and teachers around the world come together using the hashtag #PTchat. The goal behind #PTchat is to encourage a transparent and collaborative dialogue between parents and educators. All #PTchats are archived here.

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