“Parents Agree – Better Assessments, Less High-Stakes Testing”

Parents Agree – Better Assessments, Less High-Stakes Testing is an article reporting on a new survey released last week.

Here’s an excerpt:

After conducting online surveys of more than 1,000 respondents, NWEA found that these stakeholders essentially want the same thing. Large majorities say that, although year-end tests might provide some sort of useful snapshot, they strongly prefer more timely formative assessments to track student progress and provide educators with the flexibility to adjust their instruction during the school year…..

….According to the survey, it is the types of formative assessments Vega identifies, such as quizzes, portfolios, homework and end-of-unit tests that provide timely data about individual student growth and achievement. Respondents cited these types of assessments as providing educators with the necessary information to pace the instruction and ensure students learn fundamental skills.

The article, from NEA Today, has a good chart showing some of the survey’s results.

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