October’s (2018) Useful Parent Engagement Resources – Part One

Borrello & Hernandez: Making Family Engagement a Real Partnership for Boosting Student Achievement and Improving Schools is from The 74. Petrilli: From Report Cards to Parent-Teacher Conferences, Schools Must Do a Better Job of Telling Families How Their Kids Are Doing is also from The 74. Difference-makers: Cynthia Hernandez. Pushing to boost parental engagement in […]

I’d Suggest That Charging PTAs Rent For After-School Activities Will Not Promote Parent Engagement

Prince George’s schools charge PTAs that use buildings is an article in The Washington Post. Here are a couple of excerpts: The John Hanson Montessori Parent Teacher Student Association has offered after-school dance and chess lessons for years, believing that the enrichment programs help engage Prince George’s County students. The group charges a small fee […]

California Survey On Parent Involvement Released

California parents on school participation is a new article in The San Francisco Chronicle. Here are some excerpts on the unsurprising results of a new survey: Wealthy parents are more likely to make cookies for bake sales, volunteer in classrooms and be otherwise involved in their children’s schools than lower-income mothers and fathers. That’s the […]

“Engaging Fathers in Education”

Engaging Fathers in Education is a nice post by Kevin Bennett over at the Teaching Channel. You definitely want to read the entire post, but here are his suggested “tips”: 1. Don’t assume all fathers are the same. By predetermining what role a father should play in the school community, we inadvertently place them in a […]

“Report: Race & Income Play Role In Perception Of Parent Engagement”

“Report: Race & Income Play Role In Perception Of Parent Engagement” is an article reporting on a recent Urban League story. The results aren’t surprising, but that doesn’t make it any less discouraging. Here are some excerpts from the article: Race plays a pervasive—and negative—role in perceptions of parent engagement and student achievement, while community-based […]

The Best Infographics About Parent Involvement In Schools

is a beginning list of the best infographics about parent involvement. You can see all my parent involvement/engagement-related “Best” lists here. You can find a bigger version here. An Infographic by Open Colleges Embed Infographic An Infographic by Open Colleges Explore more infographics like one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually. The […]

This Week’s #PTchat On Twitter

Guest post by Joe Mazza This week on #PTchat (Wed., 2/20 9PM EDT) we’ll be working on our school websites and mobile app offerings. Today, most schools have a website. Whether the website is useful to the specific family needs at the school is the real question. Does the site serve as simply an information […]

“Home Visits Help New Families; Support School Readiness”

I post a lot about home visits, but not often about a practice that seems to be growing in popularity — early childhood home visits by non-school staff. Education Week recently posted a useful article on the practice, Home Visits Help New Families; Support School Readiness. Here’s how it begins: Kindergartners across the country are […]