New Not-Very-Useful Survey Finds That Teachers Want More Parent Involvement

Education Week reports on a new survey that finds most teachers want more involvement from the parents of their students (see Survey: Most Teachers Want Involved Parents But Don’t Have Them). Unfortunately, it didn’t really define what “parent involvement” was and it doesn’t appear they broke down the responses by income-level of the schools where […]

California Survey On Parent Involvement Released

California parents on school participation is a new article in The San Francisco Chronicle. Here are some excerpts on the unsurprising results of a new survey: Wealthy parents are more likely to make cookies for bake sales, volunteer in classrooms and be otherwise involved in their children’s schools than lower-income mothers and fathers. That’s the […]

Not Very Interesting Parent Involvement Survey From U.S. Dept. Of Ed — Except for One Result

Thanks to Joe Mazza, I just learned about the new Parent and Family Involvement in Education, from the National Household Education Surveys Program of 2012 report from The U.S. Department of Education. I might have missed something, but I didn’t find it very interesting or useful. Except for one result: One percent of students in […]

“Metro schools work with SurveyMonkey, Harvard to assess parental involvement”

I’ve previously posted about concerns I have related to Harvard working with SurveyMonkey to help school districts do parent surveys (see I’m A Bit Wary Of Harvard’s Plan For Online Parent Surveys). I guess they’ve actually begun putting their plan into action, starting in Nashville. Read about it in the Nashville Business Journal’s article, Metro […]

“Parent End of Year Survey”

Pernille Ripp just published a parent end of year survey she does with parents of her students every year. It’s a good idea. She does it online, but it can also be done with pen-and-paper. Of course, even though I think the vast majority of parents are equally committed to the well-being and success of […]

What The Annual MetLife Survey Of The American Teacher Says About Parent Engagement

The annual MetLife Survey of The American Teacher just came out. Here are a few findings related to parent engagement: More than seven in 10 educators identify addressing the individual needs of diverse learners (83% of principals; 78% of teachers) and engaging parents and the community in improving education for students (72% of principals; 73% […]

I’m A Bit Wary Of Harvard’s Plan For Online Parent Surveys

In Education Week’s new article, Harvard, SurveyMonkey Offer Tool to Weigh Parent Engagement, the school and company announce a plan for school districts to use an online service to “measure the quality of parent-school relationships.” Even though they also briefly mention the service could incorporate paper versions of such a poll, and even though respected […]

U.S. “Survey finds parent-teacher relationships strong–Teachers given grade of “A””

Hot on the heels of a survey of British parents, Parenting Magazine and the National Education Association have announced the results of a survey of U.S. parents and teachers. You can read a full summary at Survey finds parent-teacher relationships strong–Teachers given grade of “A.” Here’s how it begins: Parenting magazine and the National Education […]

Survey Of British Parent Attitudes Toward School

The BBC just published the results of a survey of British parents’ attitudes toward school (see Parents ‘more involved in children’s schools’). Here’s how it begins: Parents believe they are more involved in their children’s education than their own parents were – and that children now have more opportunities in school, suggests a survey. The […]

What The “MetLife Survey of the American Teacher” Learned About Parent Engagement

The annual “MetLife Survey of the American Teacher” was released today. You can read all about it at my main blog, but I thought I’d share an excerpt from their summary that relates to parent involvement/engagement: And levels of parent engagement have increased: Levels of engagement between parents and schools have seen marked improvement over […]

February’s (2020) Useful Parent Engagement Resources

Personal Touch Beats Technology for Parent-School Communication, Survey Finds is from Ed Week. Home Visits Are Effective. Here’s Why They Still Make Some Teachers Uneasy. is from Ed Surge. Interesting new descriptive study out by @amprog @EdProgress that suggests we are making some progress on improving school communication with parents. Great overview in @educationweek w/ […]

September’s (2019) Useful Parent Engagement Resources – Part One

Neighborhood tours featured in teacher orientation — Jana Echevarria, PhD (@Jechev) September 14, 2019 Parents/Guardians! Take our family engagement survey — Sac City Unified (@officialSCUSD) September 14, 2019 Dear Educators, Do not write off parents, particularly those of color, who do not attend Open House. Many are managing multiple jobs, young children, and other […]

March’s (2018) Useful Parent Engagement Resources – Part One

Districts Turn to Social Media, But Parents Prefer Emails, Calls, and Texts is from Ed Week. Comparing what parents and the public—and Democrats and Republicans—want from schools is from Brookings. Talking with—Not Just to—Kids Powers How They Learn Language is from Scientific American. Back-and-forth exchanges boost children’s brain response to language is from MIT News. […]