The Best Posts & Articles On Parent Trigger Movie “Won’t Back Down”

“Won’t Back Down” is the upcoming theatrical movie made by the producers who brought us “Waiting For Superman.” It’s about a fictitious version of the parent trigger idea (see The Best Resources For Learning Why The Parent Trigger Isn’t Good For Parents, Kids Or Schools. Here are my choices for the best posts and articles […]

Irony Alert — Walmart Sponsors Concert To “Salute Teachers” & Support Anti-Teacher “Parent Trigger” Movie

It’s a cliche, but sometimes truth is, indeed, stranger than fiction. Walmart is sponsoring a concert to “salute teachers” and benefit Teach For America, where they’ll also show scenes from an upcoming anti-teacher movie on the “parent trigger.” I’ve previously written several posts about the movie, and here’s the trailer: Thanks to Leoni Haimson for […]

Irony Alert – NY Times Announces Parent Trigger Movie The Same Day LA Times Calls It A Disaster

The same day the Los Angeles Times details the disaster of the parent trigger, The New York Times runs an article about an upcoming Hollywood movie about….the parent trigger. Financed and produced by the same people who did “Waiting For Superman,” the movie takes place in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania doesn’t have such a law). One major […]

Cross-Post: “Here Are Text Messages We’re Sending Home To ELL Students & Parents – Share Your Ideas”

I also published this post at my Websites of the Day blog. I’m adding it to The Best Sources Of Parent Engagement Advice For Teachers. Alma Avalos, the extraordinary bilingual aide who works with me, and I are going to start intensively using Remind to send weekly text messages to our students and their parents […]

Video: “Cleveland Administrator Launches College Tours for Parents”

Cleveland Administrator Launches College Tours for Parents is the title of a pretty interesting Education Week article. It describes the work of the leader of parent engagement for the Cleveland school district. Here’s an excerpt: Among the administrator’s most successful parent-engagement undertakings are the Parent University College Tours, which provides parents a much-needed firsthand look […]

Worst Idea Of The Year: Don’t Attend Parent-Teacher Conference? Then We’ll Ban You From Attending Graduation Of Your Child

The Cobb County School Board is considering a member’s suggestion that if a parent doesn’t attend a teacher conference, then the parent could be banned from attending their child’s graduation. Here’s a news report on the proposal: This is a definite addition to The Worst Parent Engagement Ideas.

” Won’t Back Down’ revived as centerpiece of corporate lobbying campaign”

“Won’t Back Down” revived as centerpiece of corporate lobbying campaign is the headline of a Washington Monthly article. Here’s how it begins: The cringe-inducing anti-teachers’ unions movie may have had the backing of wealthy corporate education reformers, but the magnates couldn’t seem to use their entrepreneurial spirit to cobble together a decent flick. The astroturfers […]