Ridiculous British Rules On Parents Taking Kids Out Of School Face Growing Opposition

I’ve previously written a number of posts about the British prohibitions against parents taking their children out of school for vacations and events when class is in session. It’s now facing growing opposition. You can read more at these two articles: Ban on term time holidays should be overturned, say council leaders is from The […]

Ridiculous British Policy Of Punishing Parents For Student Vacations Continues — 64,000 Fines Issued

I’ve previously published a number of posts about the ridiculous British policy of punishing parents for taking their students on vacation during the school year. Here are two new resources: Number of parents fined for term-time holidays soars by 70 per cent is from The Telegraph. School holiday fines in England ‘unfair’, say parents is […]

British Prohibition On Taking Kids Out Of School Reaches New Low: “Mother of terminally-ill boy fighting fine for taking son on ‘last holiday'”

I’ve posted a lot about the ridiculous British policy of fining parents if they take their kids on a trip while school is in session. The Telegraph reports on a new low in this article: Mother of terminally-ill boy fighting fine for taking son on ‘last holiday’ The headline says it all…

British Schools Plan: “parents should get a ‘checklist’ telling them how to raise their children”

British schools planning to give parents a checklist telling them what skills and knowledge their kids should have before they attend kindergarten. The article about it in The Telegraph has over seven hundred comments, and they’re worth skimming. The guidelines seem to make sense, but the tone and rhetoric behind the checklist just seems so […]

British School Plans Hefty Parent Fines When Kids Are Late — Uh, I Think They Might Want To Rethink That…

Emerson Valley School plans fines for pupil lateness is an article at the BBC. Here’s an excerpt: A school plans to fine parents of pupils who consistently arrive late. Emerson Valley School in Milton Keynes plans to impose the £60 fixed penalty if children miss registration 10 times in a 12-week term. The junior school, […]

British Experiment Begins To Pay Parents To Attend Trainings — I Don’t Have A Good Feeling About This….

A fairly substantial experiment has been launched in Great Britain — 14 schools will start paying parents of their students to attend eighteen parent training sessions. You can read more about it at The Telegraph and at The BBC (and at The Guardian). You can read more about why I don’t have a good feeling […]

Survey Of British Parent Attitudes Toward School

The BBC just published the results of a survey of British parents’ attitudes toward school (see Parents ‘more involved in children’s schools’). Here’s how it begins: Parents believe they are more involved in their children’s education than their own parents were – and that children now have more opportunities in school, suggests a survey. The […]

New British Study “Parents’ Effort Key to Child’s Educational Performance”

Here’s an excerpt from a report on a new British study titled “Parents’ Effort Key to Child’s Educational Performance.” A new study by researchers at the University of Leicester and University of Leeds has concluded that parents’ efforts towards their child’s educational achievement is crucial — playing a more significant role than that of the […]