Parent University Network Formed

The Harvard Family Research Project has just announced the formation of a Parent University Network. Here’s how they describe it: First launched in the 1980s, Parent Universities have become a promising capacity-building mechanism across the country to help families develop knowledge and skills that enable them be proactive in their children’s learning and growth. Parent […]

Video On Our School’s Teacher Visiting Program & Parent University

I’ve written a lot about school’s work with the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project and our parent-driven “parent university” program. Here’s a video Mai Xi Lee, one of our school’s Vice-Principals, made for last weekend’s national Parent Teacher Home Visit Project conference. For what it’s worth, that’s me speaking after the text introduction….

Parent University Program Begins In Birmingham

A very major effort is getting underway in Birmingham, Alabama, to create a series of “Parent Universities” throughout the school district. I’ve written quite a bit about “Parent Universities” in the past. Elisa Gonzalez, our school’s Parent Engagement Coordinator, has done an extraordinary job working with parents to create an extremely popular Parent University — […]

Philadelphia “Parent University”

CNN produced this video story on “Parent University” in Philadelphia. It seems like an okay program, but it could be so much more. Elisa Gonzalez, the Parent Coordinator at our school, has, I think, developed a national model of what a “Parent University” can really become — by first asking parents what they want to […]

Video: “Cleveland Administrator Launches College Tours for Parents”

Cleveland Administrator Launches College Tours for Parents is the title of a pretty interesting Education Week article. It describes the work of the leader of parent engagement for the Cleveland school district. Here’s an excerpt: Among the administrator’s most successful parent-engagement undertakings are the Parent University College Tours, which provides parents a much-needed firsthand look […]

Parent “Academies”

The San Francisco Chronicle recently published an article about a series of “PTA School Smarts Parent Academies” that are being held at a local school and others around the state. The President of the California PTA also has written a column about this effort. I’m sure it’s a good experience for the parents involved, but […]

The Worst Parent Engagement Ideas

I’ve posted a lot about good parent engagement/involvement ideas, but sometimes you can learn just as much from looking at bad examples. You can see lots of good ideas at all my parent engagement-related “The Best” lists here. Here are my choices for The Worst Parent Engagement Ideas: Putting Parents in Charge is a condescending […]

“The Notebook”

“The Notebook” describes itself as “an independent voice for parents, educators, students and friends of Philadelphia Public Schools.” It just published an article headlined Pedro Noguera at Parent University. The article is okay, but the real treasures are the multiple links within that article to previous pieces they’ve published about parent involvement/engagement. It’s definitely worth […]