“How to cope when a student’s parent just doesn’t like you”

How to cope when a student’s parent just doesn’t like you is by Angela Watson, and offers advice to teachers, all of whom are likely to face this situation at some point in their career.

Here’s an excerpt:

So, don’t let these situations surprise you or throw you off your game. For the most part, it’s normal. Now, if you seem to be getting more than your fair share of complaints every school year, then it’s time to take a look at that, and get a colleague you trust to give you some honest feedback about why relationships with parents have been so tough for you and how you can improve. This is especially important if you’re getting the same complaints from multiple parents across multiple years– that’s a sign that you may need to either change something you’re doing, or change the way you’re communicating it to other people so they have a better understanding up front of what you’re doing and why.

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