“Parents play vital role in molding future scientists, research shows”

Parents play vital role in molding future scientists, research shows is the headline of a report about a somewhat interesting, though not surprising study.

Here’s an excerpt:

Parents and family make all the difference in creating the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians, according to new research by George Mason University.

“We were surprised to learn that the family is more important than we ever thought in terms of igniting the passion of future scientists,” says Lance Liotta, a study author and co-director of George Mason’s Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine…..

The researchers recommend science gifts for the holiday season to help fuel the imagination of future scientists. Family activities are another way to inspire future scientists, the researchers say.

“Parents who see the spark of science talent in their kids should reinforce that talent through family projects and nature walks,” says College of Science Dean Peggy Agouris.

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