Politico Asks:”Can You Fight Poverty by Paying Kids to Go to School?” The Answer Is “No”

I’ve previously published several posts on this blog about the concept of Conditional Cash Transfers, which are basically programs that provide money to low-income families to “incentivize” certain behaviors.

As I shared in those previous posts, I’m all for getting more money into the hands of low-income people and, though I think there are more effective ways to combat poverty, who am I to criticize strategies that result in more cash for them? However, one thing the research has been pretty clear about is that these kinds of programs have no positive effect on actions related to education and, in fact, can have the opposite results.

Now, Politico has published a lengthy article about another experiment that is making the same mistake.

Check out their piece, Can You Fight Poverty by Paying Kids to Go to School?, as well as my previous posts on the topic.

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