Surprise! Study Finds That Chicago Parents Unhappy With School Closures — Moratorium Urged

Report Calls for Moratorium on Chicago School Closures is the headline of an Ed Week article.

Here’s an excerpt:

A new report from the University of Illinois, Chicago, calls for a moratorium on school closures, turnarounds, and the expansion of charter schools in the city, citing the disruptive nature and harm those actions cause families and the lack of evidence that they have improved education.

The report, “Root Shock: Parents’ Perspective on School Closings In Chicago,” looked at parents’ view on the massive school closures of a year ago, when the Chicago Board of Education voted to close nearly 50 schools, turn around another five and co-locate 17 elementary schools in other school buildingsā€”the largest single action on school closures in the country at the time.

Researchers Pauline Lipman and Kelly Vaughan found that parents felt the closures negatively impacted their children and the new schools to which they were sent were not an improvement; they felt excluded from the decisions to close the schools; and the closures left a deep distrust between parents and the Chicago Public Schools.

I’m adding this info to The Best Posts & Articles On The Impact Of School Closures.

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