“California PTA urges sane homework loads”

California PTA urges sane homework loads is the headline of a Washington Post piece.

Here’s an excerpt:

The effort began at Burbank’s John Burroughs High School, where PTA members took action after seeing our film, Race to Nowhere. Suzanne Weerts and Tina McDermott, both mothers at the high school, delved into the education research and drafted a resolution titled “Homework: Quality over Quantity,” urging schools to get the homework madness under control. This month, the California PTA adopted their resolution statewide. State representatives aim to take it to the National PTA next year.

“We know from the research that too much homework can have a negative impact on learning,” said Tina McDermott, who also teaches at a community college. “We also know that family stress can skyrocket from the relentless pressure every day to get it done. It can impact the entire family.”

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