British School Plans Hefty Parent Fines When Kids Are Late — Uh, I Think They Might Want To Rethink That…

Emerson Valley School plans fines for pupil lateness is an article at the BBC.

Here’s an excerpt:

A school plans to fine parents of pupils who consistently arrive late.

Emerson Valley School in Milton Keynes plans to impose the £60 fixed penalty if children miss registration 10 times in a 12-week term.

The junior school, which is in special measures, hopes the move will raise standards.

But the plan has been criticised by some parents who say the school should consider those who have other children to take to nearby schools.

If the fine is not paid within 21 days, it will increase to £120.

Besides it not generating good “buzz” for parent engagement, perhaps someone should tell them about one of the most famous experiment experiments done on incentives to influence behavior — an Israeli child care center starting fining parents if they picked-up their children late.

It didn’t work out too well….

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