I Don’t Think A Supt. Suspending A Principal Because She Supported PTO President Will Encourage Parent Engagement

Some crazy stuff is happening in New Jersey these days, and I’m not just talking about “Bridgegate.”

The Newark school superintendent just suspended five principals — four for speaking out against a plan to turn their schools into KIPP charters and one for supporting the president of her schools Parent Teacher Organization and opposing the Superintendent’s decision to ban him from school grounds (apparently because of his opposition to the plan).

You can read about what’s going on both at Education Week and at a New Jersey’s journalist’s blog.

In this post, I’d like to focus just on the parent suspension incident. I can certainly see a time when an out-of-control parent might need to be banned from a campus. But it’s just nuts to do that if the principal doesn’t want it done.

It seems like it’s the Superintendent there who is out of control.

Here’s a video of Daryn Martin, the banned PTO President, speaking at a press conference last week with a State Senator opposing the district’s plans:

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