Parent University Network Formed

The Harvard Family Research Project has just announced the formation of a Parent University Network.

Here’s how they describe it:

First launched in the 1980s, Parent Universities have become a promising capacity-building mechanism across the country to help families develop knowledge and skills that enable them be proactive in their children’s learning and growth. Parent Universities are parent education programs that offer a variety of opportunities, including courses, trainings, and other activities to help parents ensure their children’s success. HFRP has identified 140 Parent Universities and is committed to helping them connect on key issues and learn about innovative and promising practices from each other.

I have shared my perspectives on these types of academies at My Best Posts On Parent “Academies” & “Universities.”

I do hope that HFRP use their influence to move many of them away from “off the shelf” curriculum towards a genuine parent engagement model where parents identify what they want to learn and are help determine how it is taught to them….

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