“Sandy Hook Promise Launches ‘Parent Together’ As Tragedy’s One Year Mark Approaches”

Sandy Hook Promise Launches ‘Parent Together’ As Tragedy’s One Year Mark Approaches is the headline of an announcement from the Sandy Hook Promise organization about a new initiative.

Here’s an excerpt:

Sandy Hook Promise today announced the launch of Parent Together, a national grassroots campaign to educate and empower parents to prevent gun violence in their communities. Emphasizing mental wellness, healthy development, connection to community and gun safety, the campaign will bring parents together around their common love for all children to help prevent not just the next Sandy Hook tragedy, but also thousands of other acts of gun violence every year in every state…

Sandy Hook Promise will begin to roll out proven tools and programs for parents to implement or advocate for in their communities that focus on mental wellness, healthy development, community connectedness and gun safety. ; These tools and programs will be used by parents to help prevent gun violence within their homes, their schools, their communities and ultimately, our nation. ; Other national advocacy campaigns such as efforts to reduce driving drunk, promote recycling and reduce smoking created change across the nation by starting at a community level—Parent Together will do the same.

Here’s their short promotional video:

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