“Parents’ Top 12 Back-to-School Tech Questions”

Parents’ Top 12 Back-to-School Tech Questions is a useful article from Common Sense Media.

It shares answers to these questions:

What’s the right age for my kid to bring a cell phone to school?
What are the rules about using cell phones at school?
Should students and teachers be friends on Facebook?
Back-to-school shopping has gotten so commercial. How do I avoid ad overload?
Should I let my child bring an iPod (or other music device) to school?
Should I upgrade my kid’s iPod Touch — even though it works fine?
Does reading on the iPad or Kindle count toward my kids’ daily reading minutes, or would it just be considered screen time?
How do I make sure my kids are ready for learning when school starts?
What should students know about sending email to a teacher?
Should schools teach responsible online behavior?
What should I know about my school’s 1:1 device program?
Are there parental controls for schools’ 1:1 device programs?
How can I find the best educational programs to use at home with my kids?

It doesn’t quite fit, but I’m still adding it to A Beginning List Of The Best Resources On Using Technology To Help Engage Parents.

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