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By Dana Sirotiak

As a teacher, my purpose in selecting this topic is in hopes of changing the behavior of a very small group of educators who are labeled difficult to deal with.  It is in my opinion, and I believe many in education would agree, that there are more wonderful, caring, approachable teachers than there are not.  This week’s chat is not to target difficult teachers, but to provide approaches we might use to lessen the tension between a parent and their child’s teacher.  All companies in a situation like this can grow from experience; parents can learn how to respectfully approach a teacher and still discuss their concerns and teachers can learn how to reflect when situations like this arise.  

It is my goal that at the conclusion of this week’s #PTchat, participants leave with a few strategies if ever faced in a situation as this.  Join us this Wednesday, 4/3/13 at 9pm EDT / 6pm PST on #PTchat as we discuss “How to Deal with a Difficult Teacher as a Parent.”

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