This Week’s #PTchat On Twitter

Guest Post by Joe Mazza

When: Wed., 2/13/13 – 9PM EDT/6PST

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Oftentimes parents don’t ask questions about supporting academic initiatives in our schools because we haven’t provided them enough information on the who, what, when, where, how. It’s up to teachers and leaders to go the extra mile to engage them and show them how to support our work in the classroom.

During this week’s Parent-Teacher Chat (#ptchat) on Twitter, we’ll create a working Google doc glossary of terms for parents. Earlier this week, Washington Post ed writer Emma Browm posted “What the heck is your teacher talking about? Here’s a glossary.” Terms discussed in her informative post include self-regulation, scaffolding, play-based learning, authentic assessment, DIBELS, positive behavior interventions and supports, inclusion, Kagan structures and differentiated instruction. 

We’ll use Ms. Brown’s article as a starting point for our one hour discussion. Please join us as together we’ll create a working document applicable for your next school/classroom newsletter.

Join us Wednesday at 9PM EDT/6PST. If you not Twitter, you can still experience the conversation by visiting Tweetchat at the time of the chat.

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