Good Parent Engagement Advice For Teachers

Heidi Hass Gable has written a useful blog post containing advice to teachers about parent engagement. Here are two of her recommendations:

4) Listen to parents and listen to what they DON’T say. They may not articulate their concerns very well because fears and insecurities cloud their words/thinking. But whenever a parent is sharing something with you, look for the underlying concern or question. Look for the unspoken. Read between the lines. But don’t assume – revert to asking questions again, if needed!

5) Be curious and open to new ways of thinking. Parents have a different experience and different point of view from the other teachers you spend most of your time with. They will see things differently, and that may be beneficial! Even when you think they “don’t understand” so would have nothing to add…

I’m adding her post to The Best Sources Of Parent Engagement Advice For Teachers.

One thought on “Good Parent Engagement Advice For Teachers

  1. Hi Larry,
    Thanks for sharing my post!
    And I’m glad that you found the suggestions useful.
    I truly believe that the relationships between teachers and parents are powerful and transformative!

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