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Guest Post by Joe Mazza

Image credit: Great read! “Beyond the Bakesale”

Join us on this week’s #PTchat as we take a look at the research on creating and building a home-school partnership, while sharing examples what this looks like in today’s schools.

According to Henderson & Mapp (2006), four core beliefs must be firmly in place to have a true home-school partnership:

Core Belief 1: All Parents Have Dreams for Their Children and Want the Best for Them

Core Belief 2: All Parents Have the Capacity to Support Their Children’s Learning

Core Belief 3: Parents and School Staff Should Be Equal Partners

Core Belief 3: Parents and School Staff Should Be Equal Partners

This Wednesday at 9PM EDT / 6PM PST, on Twitter, we will create a shared gDOC for parents, teachers & leaders to help us turn the Core Beliefs into actions within the school. We’ll discuss what takes to get to the point of “partnership.” A great pre-read to this #PTchat comes from Parent Involvement Matters entitled “How Do You Know If You’re Open To Partnership?”

New to Twitterchats?
After logging on to Twitter, visit Tweetchat and simply enter “ptchat” in the box at the top. Follow along, just watch and/or participate as you as much as you like to join others around the world in this weekly chat. We look forward to engaging your unique and important parent and/or educator perspective.

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