This Week’s #PTchat

Guest post by Joe Mazza

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On a typical Wednesday night, we hold a Parent-Teacher chat on an important and timely home-school topic. This week, we’re providing a special 60-day school year check-in and opening up the conversation to your individual and school needs. Think about the following. What does your class or school struggle with in engaging families? Need to throw an idea out there to the rest of the PTchat community? What would take your home-school efforts to the next level? What are others in a similar situation using to get the job done? 

To make sure your question(s) or challenge is shared, detail your situation in the comments section below or send an email to before the chat. 

Looking forward to a differentiated chat based on your home-school needs this Wednesday, 10/31/12 at 9PM EDT / 6 PM PST. 

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