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Guest post by Joe Mazza

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After attending an EdCamp & EdCamp Leadership, it’s easy to envision how those conference structures might work from the parent lens. After our staff completed “KnappCamp” in early September, the large and messy un-conference schedule was left on display for the Home & School Meeting to allow parents to see what we did on our In-Service Day. 

The topics were more geared toward the teaching staff and how we could support local and state objectives, but parents also have skills they are learning and need to grasp to provide the best home support for their children. On Saturday’s drive up to EdScape, I carpooled with Glenn Yetter (@coachyetter), Brett Baker (@bakerbg)& Gwen Pescatore (@gpescatore25) – all consistent #PTchat contributors. We began talking about the idea of a conference or “ParentCamp” for parents…

During this week’s #PTchat, we’ll discuss ideas on how to provide parents with training both in traditional and un-conference like offerings. We’ll discuss the role of teachers, parents, leaders and students, and potentially plan an actual “ParentCamp.” Would any topics discussed here on #PTchat would make for good sessions?

Join us this Wednesday, 10/17 at 9PM EDT / 6 PM PST for Parent-Teacher Chat on Twitter. 

 New to Twitterchats?

After logging on to Twitter, visit Tweetchat and simply enter “ptchat” in the box at the top. Follow along, just watch and/or participate as you as much as you like to join others around the world in this weekly chat. We look forward to engaging your unique and important parent and/or educator perspective.

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